Neobična knjiga iz 16. veka: „Carski astronomski priručnik“


Neobična knjiga iz 16. veka, a takve baš volim da objavljujem na blogu A . A . A

Stranice su deo renesansne knjige Astronomicum Caesareum koju je napisao nemački astronom Petrus Apianus.

Sadržaj cele knjige možete pogledati i preuzeti OVDE.

Petrus Apianus, Astronomicum Caesareum, 1540. Ingolstadt, Germany.

Peter Apian (or Peter Bennewitz) was a mathematician who aimed to depict astronomy graphically. Owning a print shop, together with brother Georg, he could deliver first class quality of his works,. Apian’s research focused on planet movements, and he developed instruments as well. The prints could be used as astronomical devices, paper discs with strings, which allowed to calculate the position of the planets, based on the method of Claudius Ptolemy.