Tilda Svinton o romanu „Orlando“ Virdžinije Vulf

Engleska glumica Tilda Svinton u filmu „Orlando“ rediteljke Sali Poter, snimanom po motivima istoimenog romana Virdžinije Vulf, odigrala je nekoliko uloga po kojima će biti upamćena kao jedna od ikona sedme umetnosti. U tekstu objavljenom na internet sajtu magazina Telegraph ona evocira svoje impresije o ovoj knjizi:

A tourist guide to human experience, the best of wise companions. At least, it was my first: a message in a bottle from an imaginary friend.

I reread it now, 35 years later, and I am struck by its capacity to change like a magic mirror. Where I had originally seen it as a book about writing, about becoming a writer, I now see it as a book about reading, about taking one’s place in the chain. Where I once assumed it was a book about eternal youth, I now see it as a book about growing up, about learning to live.

For five years I was privileged to work alongside Sally Potter’s development of her feature-film adaptation of this book. I played the part of Orlando. Twenty years later, Orlando is still the name by which I am best known in Russia, to which I readily answer on streets throughout the world. In my attic is a box containing two of the costumes Orlando wore in the film. One day, I know my son will find them and try them on. One day – soon, I expect – my poetry-writing daughter, his twin, will pick up Woolf’s book and try it on for size.