Bob Dilen i Suzi Rotolo


Sa dvadeset dve godine Bob Dilen objavio je svoj drugi album „The Freewheelin’ “ na čijoj je naslovnoj strani fotografija njega i njegove tadašnje devojke Suzi Rotolo. U nekoliko navrata Dilen se osvrtao na njihovu vezu, poetski izražavajući svoje utiske:

I couldn’t take my eyes off her… The air was suddenly filled with banana leaves. We started talking and my head started to spin. Cupid’s arrow had whistled past my ears before, but this time it hit me in the heart and the weight of it dragged me overboard.

Meeting her was like stepping into the tales of 1,001 Arabian nights. She had a smile that could light up a street full of people and was extremely lively, had a particular type of voluptuousness—a Rodin sculpture come to life. She reminded me of a libertine heroine. She was just my type.