Ples Balet Igra: „Besani“


Holandski plesni teatar izvodi balet Sleepless za koji je koreografiju osmislio češki baletski umetnik Jiri Kilian (Jiří Kylián). On je na svom sajtu napisao mali esej o sopstvenim stvaralačkim upregnućima tokom besanih noći, pominjući i izvore svoje inspiracije, među kojima je bio i slikar Lucio Fontana sa jedinstvenim slikama rezova koji unose novu dimenzionalnost u prostor slike. Kilian piše:

„Sleepless“ is a work for young dancers of NDT II. And creating this work was equally challenging and rewarding. (For them as well for myself). Basically it comes down to the simple fact that teaching and learning are just the two sides of the same coin. The dialogue between generations is always fascinating. It brings a certain feeling of „Maturity“ to the young ones, and a feeling of „Rejuvenation“ to the older ones.

The work of Lucio Fontana, the Argentinean artist, had an indirect infulence on my creation of „Sleepless“. His „Incisions“ which he inflicted on his paintings have created a „New Dimension“ in the „Two Dimensional“ world of painting. His action of cutting throught the canvas, thus declaring, that the canvas is not necessarilly the only thing to behold but that there might be something more important lying behind or beyond it, was a revelation and an achievement which left a deep scar in my mind. Dance is an art form, which totally relies on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness.