Intervju: Silvija Plat i Ted Hjuz (BBC, 1961)

Intervju naslovljen „Two of a Kind: Poets in Partnership“, snimljen je 18. januara 1961. godine, a emitovan 31. januara iste godine. BBC novinar bio je Owen Leeming. U nastavku slede dva citirana odgovora. Prvi odgovor dala je Silvija Plat na pitanje o vezi svog deteinjstva i potrebe za stvaranjem:

I think I was happy up to the age of about nine — very carefree — and I believed in magic, which influenced me a great bit. And then, at nine, I was rather disillusioned — I stopped believing in elves and Santa Claus and all these little beneficent powers — and became more realistic and depressed, I think, and then, gradually, became a bit more adjusted about the age of sixteen or seventeen. But I certainly didn’t have a happy adolescence — and, perhaps, that’s partly why I turned specially to writing — I wrote diaries, stories, and so forth. I was quite introverted during those early years.

Drugo pitanje koje ovde izdvajam odnosilo se na Teda Hjuza. Engleski pesnik dao je odgovor na pitanje kako vidi vezu između njega i Silvije Plat, između dva snažna stvaralačka bića. Da li je konfliktna ili je, naprotiv, usklađena.

We’re very alike — we like the same things, live at the same tempo, have the same sort of rhythm in almost every way. But obviously this is a very fortunate covering for temperaments that are extremely different. But they lead secret lives, you see — they content themselves in an imaginative world, so they never really come into open conflict.

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