Crteži leptira Vladimira Nabokova

Pored literature, Vladimir i Vera Nabokov gajili su veliku strast prema leptirima. Vladimir Nabokov bi ih obično crtao na stranicama knjiga i crteže poklanjao supruzi. Na sajtu  Booktryst pronašla sam sledeći odlomak, značajan za ovu temu.

Vladimir Nabokov was totally consumed by two passions: literature and lepidoptery. He adored butterflies, and routinely adorned copies of his books with drawings of them, particularly those given to Vera. She, like Vladimir, treasured nature, art, and life’s other intangibles, more highly than material possessions and Vladimir knew that for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, Vera  appreciated his thoughtful and delicate butterfly drawings much more than some trinket. She  delighted in these drawings in a way she never did for the landscapes he used to paint for her in earlier days.