Вивијан Вествуд о значају уметности

Vivienne Westwood

Вивијан Вествуд

У наставку следе речи Вивијен Вествуд о значају уметности које је изрекла приликом посете музеју и разгледања Волас колекције. Музеј садржи дела рококо уметности, а нека од њих су у наставку и приложена.

Knowledge of the past lends perspective to the present and insight to the future. A work of Art is a window on the world, a view seen trough the eyes of the artist. There are as many views as there have been artists and all living at different periods. Every age sees the world through different eyes. This affects the kind of life we lead.

Yet, Great Art is timeless, it’s a vision we can share at any time. It touches something essential in human nature, a common reference ground for our imagination and aesthetic sense.

Great Art has potential to bring people together. It gives culture.

Culture is the pursuit of our total perfection by means of getting to know the best that has been thought and said and demonstrated in the world.

Art links past, present and future.

François Boucher - Madame de Pompadour, 1759.

Франсоа Буше, Портрет мадам Помпадур, 1759.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard - The Swing, 1767.

Жан-Оноре Фрагонар, Љуљашка, 1767.

Thomas Gainsborough - Mrs Mary Robinson (Perdita), 1781.

Томас Гејнсборо, Портрет Мери Робинсон, 1781.

Антоан Вато, Позоришна дружина, 1717.